Savour the Moment was formed by Jonathon MacIntyre in 2005 with the simple mission to bring people together, share new experiences, all while giving back to a community in need of support.

Throughout the hurdles and challenges in Jon’s life, he learned the power of support, resiliency, and the preciousness of life. After experiencing the tremendous loss of friends at a very young age, the outlook on everyday life was forever changed. Honoring the lives of those lost is the drive behind the charity’s mission. A reminder to appreciate what you have when you have it should be savoured and not overlooked. 

Annual events are held, ranging from golf outings to date auctions to happy hours. A different charity is honored at the event to bring awareness to their cause and raise funds to help support their mission.


When presented with life’s challenges, it was at times difficult for Jon to find the silver lining. There are a number of influential mentors that came into Jon’s life at the right time and guided him to a more positive path. 

Growing up, Jon was prone to getting in trouble and put himself in situations that could have negatively impacted his future. While there were many times that Jon made the wrong decision, the lessons learned from his mistakes steered him in a more productive direction. Sports was always a positive and encouraging outlet and his love for basketball and athletic training became a vital part of his life. 

At age 22 he was faced with devastating news of a heart condition that could potentially end his active lifestyle. While the diagnosis was overwhelming, it didn't deter Jon from living to the fullest.   

Today, Jon openly shares his life experiences in hopes of enlightening & inspiring others. He enjoys bringing people together from all walks of life to disconnect from the daily grind & simply enjoy the small things that we often overlook. 

​Thank you to everyone that supports our cause & helps give back to others!​